Background introduction

BCL is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. It is located in the Pearl River Delta with developed fine chemicals and extensive logistics, facing the whole of China.

BCL gather every colleague's the heart and strength , has a deep technical accumulation, thorough research on the market, and truly understand the domestic market needs and international development trends. 

BCL is committed to environmental protection, and cherishes the heart of environment as a starting point to develop and manufacture a new generation of washing products.

Not only limited to this, BCL is dedicated to the combination of professional quality and technical solutions, with sincere and serious service, win the trust of the public and serve the public.

On this basis, BCL has a clear and clear mission, which is: better clean, better life!

BCL laundry product series

BCL is equipped with a full range of quality laundry detergents, including powders and liquids, which are widely used in commercial laundry, hospitality and other laundry industries.

BCL kitchen product series

BCL is fully stocked with kitchen cleaners. Its product range includes hand and machine dish cleaners, a variety of hard surface cleaners and special purpose cleaners and disinfectants, which are widely used in kitchen and meal preparation areas. For the hotel industry, fast food industry, banquet industry and chain restaurants.

BCL Room Product Series

BCL is equipped with a full range of high-quality disinfectants and detergents. Its room product structure consists of four parts, namely carpet cleaner series, hard floor cleaner series, room cleaner and disinfectant series, and hand washing shampoo series. BCL's clean room products are suitable for all star hotels or resorts, public facilities and office buildings, large supermarkets, retirement or rehabilitation facilities.

BCL is committed to continuously update its product range, in order to provide customers with safer and more reliable cleaning and sanitation, more ideal washing results, easier and easier operation, and more reasonable cost of chemical cleaners.